Please allow me to briefly introduce myself.


I am Roy Hysen, the Executive Director of the Canada Deaflympics Hockey Team.  


Recently, I became the first ever President of the newly-established organisation called The World Deaf Ice Hockey Federation (WDIHF).  The WDIHF was formed during the 3rd World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships (WDIHC), which took place at Buffalo, New York, USA, the days of  April 19 and 29, 2017. 


Currently, the WDIHF Board consists of 5 elected members from the Czech Republic, Finland, USA, Canada, and Kazakhstan.  


Upon your request, we will send to your organisation the Minutes Report of our initial meeting, which was held during the days of April 28 and 29, 2017 at Buffalo, New York, USA, the days of April 19 and 29, 2017. 


There are dozens of nations that have deaf and hard of hearing players, some are playing in Divisions A and B.


The majority of the hockey delegates voted unanimously to be affiliated with the IIHF. 


Please note we are also planning to become an associate member of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD). The ICSD, by the way, is officially recognised by the IOC.


Looking forward to hear from your office soon.


Warmest Regards,


Roy Hysen

The WDIHF President

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Roy Hysen